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China World Trade Center (CWTC or affectionately known as China World) , founded in February 1985, is jointly owned by China Shi Mao Investment Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong-based Kerry Industrial Co., Ltd. Located in the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District, CWTC consisting of hotels, offices, apartments, exhibition spaces and a shopping mall, is the first choice for many multinational companies based in Beijing and one of the largest up-market commercial mixed-use developments in the world.

Since its opening on 30th August 1990, CWTC has attracted an impressive number of prestigious multinational corporations and global high-end retail stores. Many domestic and international conferences and significant events have been held here. It has hosted numerous heads of state, government officials, business magnates and social celebrities, generating massive economic and social benefits.

After completion of CWTC Phase 2 in 1999, the floor area of CWTC reached 560,000 square meters. In June 2005, the start of construction of CWTC Phase 3 Project opened a new chapter for CWTC. The 540,000-square meter Phase 3 Project was developed in two stages. Phase 3A, which was completed and commenced operation on 30th August 2010, showcases the 330-meter China World Tower, the tallest building in Beijing with a floor area of 297,000-square meter. It includes international grade A offices, the extended China World Mall, the ultra-luxurious China World Summit Wing hotel. With completion of Phase 3B, the entire China World complex occupies 17 hectares of land and a total floor area of 1,100,000 square meters: a world-class, 21st century international business service center.

CWTC offers a window onto Chinese economic reform and international events. CWTC has driven rapid economic progress in the Central Business District and surrounding areas. Visionary business strategy and brand excellence has made CWTC a market leader and role model for Chinese enterprises.

Looking ahead, CWTC will continue to adhere to a well-defined set of core values and strive to lead in China and inspire the world. CWTC will seek to instill excellence through international first-class facilities and talented employees, delivering the highest quality of service to domestic and international guests, constantly securing, maintaining and promoting brand leadership. At CWTC, ongoing commitment to excellence fuels an intense focus on continuous improvement, best practice and sustainable development.

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